CIS VAN BEERS for HipHopGoldenAge.com wrote:
"2018 is shaping up to be a great year for Hip Hop, with quality releases all around – at least when you are able to ignore music (sadly labeled as Hip Hop) released by types like Migos or Post Malone, whose albums debuted on at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 earlier this year. Of course, that kind of mainstream rubbish ‘rap’ can hardly be called Hip Hop, but it’s a shame it sells while most real Hip Hop gets none of the spotlights these days. Real Hip Hop has always been there though for those who know where to look, so who really cares what charts on lists like Billboard?"

One of these rappers flying under the radar is a female out of South Side Queens by the name of "Kyah Baby". In this session she spits some fire for "The Weekend Work Show" on Shade 45 (SiriusXm). She leaves the hosts of the show stuttering with lines like, "Put your hands up / holdin you for ransom / Still drive a hooptie / renting out the Phantom". Shes definitely gonna be giving both female & male rappers a run for their money in the near future. 

Back in May, Wanna Thompson for KarenCivil.com wrote:
"If you haven’t heard of Kyah, you’re going to thank me shortly after this post. Kyah Baby has been circulating on the scene for quite some time now with catchy singles like F*ck Me Like I’m Famous in 2014 and Peter Griffin in 2017 which has an impressive 66,000 listens on Spotify. However, her freestyle on Hot97 with Funkmaster Flex in March unveils the MC’s undeniable talent that could go bar for bar with most males in the industry. Her impeccable flow and hunger for the art form is something to be admired and cherished in an industry that often relies on repetition and auto tune to carry them through. Kyah Baby’s unfiltered nature is one of her strengths as she explicitly lays it down without permission."

Kyah Baby is definitely on our radar and we look forward to seeing her growth over the next few months/yrs. 



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